About Us

About Us

JNC Solutions, Inc. is the premier provider of business software solutions. It is committed to delivering the best service to fulfill critical needs in today's competitive environment. JNC provides custom and pre-packaged applications that combine strategic marketing, analytics, and exceptional design to help streamline complex operations and help leaders achieve their goals.

Clients trust JNC to produce completed projects that meet their specific needs. JNC's staff and their successful relationship with clients reflect JNC's allegiance to its core values - Integrity, Synergy, and Commitment.

Integrity: Deliver quality services to our clients while abiding by the highest ethical standards.

Synergy: Provide solutions that align our clients' investments to their business needs

Commitment: Dedicated in exceeding expectations and building successes

JNC Culture

Dynamic Communicative Environment

JNC Solutions focuses on teamwork and individual accomplishments to produce success. The company’s laidback and dynamic environment welcomes new ideas from every member of the team. JNC’s workers pop in and out of each others’ offices, chat online, or converse over plates of Hawaiian BBQ to share questions, concerns, and information. One-on-one and group meetings also line up JNC staff calendars to discuss strategic directions of improving business processes and meeting client needs.

Though JNC’s office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, JNC continues to stay active throughout the night and on weekends. For one, JNC’s Web Designer, the “Night Owl,” prefers to work late at night when most of America is asleep and the other half of the world is awake—this also helps in communicating with JNC’s offshore company in Mongolia.

Employees unanimously agree that JNC’s communicative environment fosters a level of productivity and camaraderie that have motivated them to grow in all areas. JNC challenges them to think creatively and to respond flexibly to situations.

Fostering Empowerment, Responsibility, and Well-Being in Employees and Clients

JNC Solutions puts employees first. The CEO of JNC recognizes that happy motivated employees produce solid work results. For this, JNC does not confine its team in a rigid structure of strict rules and traditional methods to produce results. Rather, JNC treats each employee like a client, striving to foster an individual’s strengths, offering assistance to his needs, and working together to increase productivity and efficiency.

Synergistic Horizontal Organization

Jonathan Kim, the founder and CEO of JNC Solutions, launched this company with the vision of providing custom technical solutions to industries wanting to invest in their futures. Jonathan decided early on that JNC would not function within a rigid hierarchical structure that is obsessed with retaining control—he wanted to cultivate an environment that encouraged ideas to be shared and implemented quickly and easily.
JNC has a culture of openness, cooperation, and collaboration that is not often found in large bureaucratic corporations. For this, everyone at JNC feels like an integral part of the company, which further motivates them to improve their performance and actively contribute to the goal of JNC. JNC’s horizontal structure has allowed its team to respond quickly to market forces, improve productivity, and enable effective collaboration. Clients notice the solid teamwork among JNC staff members and trust that JNC will deliver solutions of value.


While JNC Solutions is flexible in working around a company’s needs, it maintains strict adherence to its code of values—Integrity, Synergy, and Commitment. JNC has never compromised its ethics in face of highly profitable opportunities, and it continues to uphold the right to not provide services to organizations whose focuses do not align with JNC’s values.

The Laws of Our Team
  •  Treat each other with honesty, respect, and civility.
  • Strive for excellence—don’t settle for less.
  • Embrace diversity.
  • Contribute individual talents to team efforts.
  • Take risks and innovate, recognizing that failure occasionally occurs.
  • Information is power. Learn and share.
  • Accept responsibility and delegate authority.
  • Share and appreciate constructive feedback.
  • Maintain perspective and a sense of humor.
  • Constantly communicate, guide, and support your team members.