Enterprise Resource Planning

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Companies spend a good deal of their time inputting the same information into different databases. These non-integrated islands of information are stand-alone applications, sometimes called silos. It is difficult for these islands to communicate with one another, dealing with issues like wasted time, input errors, and inconsistencies of information. Such inefficient workflow processes make it difficult for a company to improve in their rates of customer satisfaction and to compete in today’s fast market.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), however, integrates all departments and functions across a company into a single system, allowing various departments to easily share information and communicate with each other.

ERP Benefits: Collaborative Network, Competitive Advantage

? Organizes financial information
? Integrates customer order information
? Regulates and speed up manufacturing processes
? Improves inventory and vendor management
? Standardizes HR information
? Provide support for a changing operational environment
? Eliminates consolidation errors

How are companies using ERP?

? Accounting and financial applications
? Procurement
? Order processing and supplier management
? Inventory management
? Vendor management
? HR management and payroll functions
? Customer service

What goals can be reached with ERP?

? Operational efficiency
? Global business
? Growth
? IT cost reduction
? Customer growth and retention
? New revenue opportunities

ERP helps a company work as a team to reach business goals. When used properly, ERP yields strong competitive advantage.JNC Solutions, Inc. has successfully implemented ERP for organizations seeking operational efficiency. Our consultants make certain that we have a thorough understanding of your business issues to provide the best solution for your needs. To read more about successful implementation of ERP for your company, click here.

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