VB6 Makeover with VB.NET or C#

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The last release of Visual Basic (VB) was in 1998—VB6. Since then, Microsoft has slowly withdrawn VB from extensive use by ending mainstream support in March 2005 and extended support in March 2008. Without access to security fixes or updates, VB6 users should look into converting to VB.NET or C#.

What are the benefits of VB.NET/C#?

1. Faster performance speed

2. Application size

3. Automatic memory management

4. Easy report spooling

5. Client to server data transfer

6. Better error handling and development tools

7. Optimal system performance

8. Improved security

Get Ready to Migrate with a Plan

Migration requires careful planning and direction. JNC Solutions, Inc. makes certain to have a thorough understanding of a company’s current business application to provide the best strategies, techniques, and tools for successful transitions.

JNC conversion services include:

 Database re-engineering/migration

 Code restructuring

 Performance optimization

 Document generation

 Extraction/mining of business rules

JNC Solutions, Inc. has successfully helped organizations transition towards the future. Upgrading to newer technologies that have been tested for reliability and value gives your company strong competitive advantage. JNC consultants make certain that we have a thorough understanding of your business issues to provide the best solution for your needs.

If you have any questions regarding VB.NET or C#, contact Sales at sales[@]jncsolutions.com.