Is the Fox ready for Retirement?

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In March 2007 Microsoft announced that they would not issue a new version of Visual FoxPro ( Those who use VFP-9 will continue to receive support through the year 2015, but once that expires, they will have to look for replacements. As of now, .NET continues to be the top pick among IT departments looking for new solutions.

Where are my Legacy-Workers?

Retiring professionals take with them years of expertise and knowledge of their companies. With baby boomer IT workers leaving offices within the next few years, CIOs will have something to worry about—who will take over the management of their company’s legacy systems? It will be dangerous to rely on the possibility that the Gen X and Y replacements will have expert understanding in the data structures of applications like AS/400, Paradox, or FoxPro. In fact, don’t be surprised if a few of your new workers give you a blank stare when you ask of their familiarity with legacy systems.

Keep Up with Time and Change

Every generation brings a wave of new technology. Recognizing the need for advanced tools to meet business demands of tomorrow, many companies have already transitioned to .NET. While Visual FoxPro has been a reliable product for over a decade, with the impending retirements of both VFP and senior IT workers, businesses should prepare for an IT overhaul.

Prepare for Conversion Success

Converting to .NET from Visual FoxPro is not an easy process. Migration requires careful planning and direction. JNC Solutions, Inc. selects the best tools to suit your application and helps the process of converting to a new system. We make sure to transform your business to have strong competitive advantage.

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