The New Generation of ASP

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Still using ASP (Active Server Pages)? Now is the time to upgrade and to take advantage of all the features of ASP.NET. Microsoft ASP.NET allows programmers to create small personal websites or large enterprise-class web applications.

What are the changes?

Changes have been made in structure, core API, visual basic language changes, and issues related to COM. ASP.NET is also built on the Common Language Runtime, allowing programmers to write ASP.NET code using any Microsoft .NET language. While ASP served as a programming language that could sometimes be too code-oriented, ASP.NET provides an application framework and enterprise development tool.

What’s so cool about ASP.NET?

— Better performance and scalability

ASP.NET stands as the newer, better, and faster version of ASP. ASP has such issues like lacking the function to separate executable code from HTML, which makes it difficult to read and maintain pages. ASP.NET, however, addresses such problems with server controls. In addition, ASP.NET has the following features:

 Cleaner coding model

 Compiled language support: ADO.NET, Visual Basic, C+, J+

 Enhanced caching

 Improved run-time error handling

 Fully integrated debugging support

 Faster application with compiled code

 Extensive set of programmable controls

 Web service controls

 Event-driven programming

 XML-based components

 User authentication

 Easier configuration and deployment

Who Uses It?

Here are a few examples of ASP.NET A-list users:






Are you ready to make the transition?

Migration requires careful planning and direction. JNC Solutions, Inc. selects the best tools to suit your application and helps the process of converting to a new system. We make sure to transform your business to have strong competitive advantage.

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