Parting ways with AS/400 and switching over to the ERP fast lane

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Stuck in the 80s?

Technology has come a long way. We’ve ditched cell phones the size of sub sandwiches and have moved onto sleek devices that do everything but help tie our shoelaces. Similarly, corporate technology infrastructures have evolved from the line of AS/400s first introduced in 1988, into an ERP system that integrates all departments and functions across a company into a single software program.

Some may have a vague idea of what an AS/400 is. Others may associate it as the backbone to their company. To the latter group we offer this advice—it is time to let go.

Movin’ On, Movin’ Up

With growing business demands and changes, your AS/400 will struggle to keep you in pace with your competitors. While migrating is expensive, it is more costly to cling to these legacy systems and to add different applications in an effort to meet diverse needs. This is like trying to refurbish an old car by adding parts to it. As reliable as your AS/400 may be, there comes a point where you need to part ways and move on to a new platform that easily propels your organization forward.

What’s the point of upgrading to an ERP from my AS/400?

With ERP there is no more inputting the same information into different databases, no more inefficient workflow processes or inconsistencies of information. CIOs agree that financial reporting, cost control, and competitive advantage are compelling reasons to replace their old systems with ERP. ERP—

1. Integrates financial information

2. Processes customer order information

3. Standardizes and speeds up manufacturing processes

4. Reduces inventory

5. Standardizes HR information

Proactive Steps

Are you ready to save your company money and streamline all the departments of your organization? Want to take proactive changes to reach business goals? JNC Solutions, Inc. selects the best tools to suit your application and guides you through the process of migrating to a new system. We make sure to transform your business to have strong competitive advantage.

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