Legacy Migrations

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Migrate with a Plan

With growing business demands and changes, your legacy system will struggle to keep you in pace with your competitors. While migrating is expensive, it is more costly to cling to these legacy systems and to add different applications in an effort to meet diverse needs. As reliable as your system may be, there comes a point where you need to part ways and move on to a new platform that easily propels your organization forward.

JNC Solutions, Inc. has successfully helped organizations transition towards the future. Upgrading to newer technologies that have been tested for reliability and value gives your company strong competitive advantage. JNC consultants make certain to have a thorough understanding of a company’s current business application to provide the best strategies, techniques, and tools for successful transitions.

JNC conversion services include:

Database re-engineering/migration
Code restructuring
Performance optimization
Document generation
Extraction/mining of business rules

Migration requires careful planning and direction. Follow the links below to learn how JNC can improve your business processes and save you money with improved applications:

Visual Basic