Data Management

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Is poor data management draining your budget? JNC’s senior-level staff brings years of experience in managing Microsoft services for small to large local and global organizations. JNC will install and implement the latest Microsoft Data Management Platform to put an end to all the risks, complexity, cost, and wasted time involved in managing poor data.

Microsoft Data Management platform not only helps you securely store and manage data from different sources, but also automates repetitive administrative tasks to reduce cost and time. The Microsoft Data Management Platform offers:

Scalability to build and deploy the most demanding applications
Enhanced query performance against large databases
Around-the-clock accessibility to critical systems
Easy administration with integrated management tools, self-tuning capabilities, and a powerful programming model
Built-in business intelligence with integration, analysis, and customizable reporting tools

JNC will help your company proactively manage data to:

Break down decentralized data silos
Expand information access in a secure environment
Reduce costs through better data management

Discover how you can gain faster results and enable better decisions on a proven high-performance database and analysis platform with lower total cost of ownership. JNC will help you confront problems related to fragmented and scattered data silos, and manage your growing data in a centralized data warehouse.

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