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Visaul Basic .Net

Microsoft was very successful with the release of original Visual Basic and it truly delivered the Rapid Development for novice programmers to develop business application for both commercial and enterprise software with ease.

Because, it provided tools and features that are very easy to understand and use which Microsoft leverage basic programming syntax and offer visual components to easily created GUI for users to use with windows version.

But, as time progress, limitation of the OOP features and increased need for more easily incorporate and deployment application, Microsoft created .NET framework and re-design VB into VB.NET where it offers ease of rapid development and also provide more extensive powerful usage of OOP practices and also easy interoperation with .NET framework.

If your organization has invested in VB in the past, it is ideal for you to continually leverage VB.NET for the future where resources learning curve and migration will be easier than looking at other languages for development.

Please contact us to assist you in migration or new development in VB.NET