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SharePoint solutions is a platform to deliver business needs to fulfill whether it is internet, intranet, or extranet. It is very important for the sponsors to participate actively for the SharePoint implementation to go well whether it is in portal design, or governance planning.

For involvement in SharePoint project, many different users need to get engage and deal with the needs closely with them.

Organizations’ are very similar to what SharePoint offers as solutions such as easier to find information,


customers or user driven site, sharing the documents through version control and permission, find the skills and information within the organization’s resource pool, easier critical information with security, reusability of best practices, ease of training new or existing employee, reduce time of training, collaboration between teams and individuals, and easier customer accessibility.


SharePoint offers some out of box features that will be very beneficial to the sponsors or users. Reviewing the feature and what could be priority, will give a very successful project than going over the detail later within the project. Also, discussing the core three priorities are must within the discussion of the project.


Features that will help are as following pertain to the business objectives:


a. Search and Search Results Refinement

b. Metadata

c. Search

d. Alerts

e. News

f. Metadata

g. Bookmarks

h. Activity Feeds and Status Updates

i. Social Tags and Ratings

j. RSS Feeds

k. Extranets, Mobile Access

l. Business Connectivity Services (integration with Line of Business Systems)

m. Rich Security Model that users can administer

n. Document Versioning

o. Records Retention

p. Document Sets

q. Unique Document IDs

r. People and Expertise Search

s. My Sites

t. Blogs and Wikis

u. Document Repositories with Metadata ( both user and organizationally defined)

v. Site Templates

w. Search and Search Results Refinement


JNC will develop a method to identify and deliver the tangible features successfully implemented as solution. Please contact us now.