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Microsoft, recognized the importance of the internet, invested in web development early on with FrontPage and along with ASP. As maturity within internet occurred with dot-com boom, ASP, scripting language, has been used for many start-up and continually need asp to do more for web programmers.

With that and release of the .net framework, was introduced and ever since then, the popularity of using for developing web application, website, and portal application grow significantly. offers ease to create simple tools where developing web application made it easy for web designer, programmers in general both windows and web environment.

Also with the popularity of the MVC model within the web software industry, ASP.NET incorporated the MVC framework to develop more structured layer separation from view and controller and database.

If your organization has leveraged classic ASP or or MVC, JNC could provide assistance in both migration and new development and recommendation on the best practice available for ASP.NET

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