Business Intelligence

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JNC will help you manage your Business Intelligence infrastructure. JNC not only delivers intelligence through your entire Microsoft Office, but also builds more secure, scalable, and reliable database engines to yield high performance. With JNC, turn data into decisions.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) is a complete set of client, server and developer products that consists of the 2007 Microsoft Office system and SQL Server 2008. This tightly integrated solution supports all facets of decision-making, and provides people with the right information at the right time in a user-friendly format.

With Microsoft Business Intelligence you will gain the following benefits and functions:

▪ Drive business performance. Track and analyze financial, operational, customer and human resource information across the enterprise.

▪ Scorecarding & Dashboarding. Expand the power of business intelligence and bring every employee into the performance management process through personalized Web-based scorecards.

▪ Analytics. Empower business users to make better, faster decisions through advanced analytic and data visualization capabilities.

▪ Effective Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting. Users can create detailed models and flexible plans that synchronize across departments and organizational hierarchies.

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Learn more about how JNC can help deploy business intelligence, portal on a proven, scalable, industry-leading platform for your company. You can count on JNC to deliver solutions that provide mission-critical information throughout your organization. For further consultation contact Sales at sales[@]