Code of Ethics

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JNC maintains strict adherence to its core values—Integrity, Synergy, and Commitment. We never compromise our principles in face of highly profitable opportunities. JNC focuses on building long-term relations with clients and partners while abiding by the following code of ethics:

1. Ask & Listen. JNC strives to provide the best value and services to clients. To do this, we ask the right questions and listen to fully understand the needs of our clients.

2. Value Time. JNC maximizes clients’ time by applying the best knowledge, skills, and resources to produce solid results.

3. Communicate Proactively. JNC reduces the stress that comes with uncertainty. We communicate regularly with our clients to make certain that all processes and expectations are aligned.

4. Walk the Talk. JNC ensures smooth, timely completion of projects with anticipated costs and terms.

5. A Workforce of Integrity. JNC will take full responsibility for all our actions, and we will be honest at all times.

6. Seek Improvement. We seek to improve the quality of our services by encouraging each client to critically evaluate our performances.

7. Share the Client’s Vision. We create business solutions that complement our clients’ overall financial strategies, and we guide them to achieve their short and long-term business goals.

8. Confess, Correct & Communicate. Mistakes and disappointments happen to the best of us. JNC approaches all challenges productively, making certain to 1) Honestly acknowledge and apologize for all errors, 2) Find the best solution to correct the issue, and 3) Communicate JNC’s commitment to upholding client expectations.

9. Measure Success by how you Add Value to Others. ROI and shareholders’ values do not determine JNC success. We measure success by our clients’ beliefs in our services, and their eagerness to recommend JNC services to others.

10. Higher Standards. JNC strives to work according to the standards of God. Through our work we honor Him, value Him, and glorify Him.