How can IT better support my company’s strategies and goals?

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Articles of Note, Business Management, June 2008, No. 1

By Lisa Ahn

Business IT has very little to do with technology itself, but begins and ends with the collaboration of people.

Times are tough these days. While America continues to debate on the topic of recession, let’s go ahead and admit that the market is slower than previous years. We’re tight on money and we can only hope for the economy to improve—soon. Though commerce traffic remains quiet, workers should be busy renovating the internal structures and processes of their companies. The excuse, “We’re too busy to makes changes,” no longer applies to our current situation. Instead, businesses should optimize this time by looking inward and finding opportunities for improvement. One question to ask is, “How can IT better support my company’s strategies and goals?”

Why the focus on IT? In comparison to the history of finance, sales, and marketing, technology presence in the business world remains fairly new. Tech-lingo baffles those outside of IT walls, and senior management may see technology more as an expensive purchase than as a valuable asset to their company.

In addition, businesses want to promote an image of speed, efficiency, and reliability to expand their databases of loyal customers. Technology helps in this field. Tech implementation can bring in a million dollars worth of ROI or produce a truckload of debt and chaos—all depending on the level of leadership and communication within the organization.