The Ten Commandments of ERP Implementation

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Thou shalt have a VISION for your company.

You need a vision to follow. This is what makes your company grow and remain competitive.

Thou shalt thoroughly prepare for ERP implementation.

Incorporating an ERP system is no easy matter, and how you prepare for its implementation determines the success or failure of your company. Thorough preparation yields a worthy investment. First step—round up an implementation team.

Thou shalt not underestimate the cost of ERP.

ERP systems are expensive. In addition to the cost of the software, there are additional fees that cover training, integration and testing, customization, data conversion and analysis, etc. Expect to also make continuous payments of maintenance and upgrades.


Thou shalt find the best ERP match.

Every company has specific needs and goals. Select an ERP that best mirrors your organization’s business processes.

Thou shalt heed the voices of all employees.

Listen to the opinions of people from different areas of your company. They will provide insight on the current situations of their departments.

Thou shalt verify the credibility of vendors.

Do your homework, ask questions, and follow your gut.

Thou shalt have realistic expectations.

An ERP implementation may take 6-9 months to complete. Large complex organizations may take up to a few years.

Thou shalt not cling to thy old ways.

Old habits are hard to change. While it is fairly easy to upgrade software systems, it takes a sea of effort and agreement to customize people’s habits to adapt to new implementations. ERP packages come with tools and methodologies that may not remotely resemble your company’s previous standardizations of business processes. It will be a challenge at first, but once you grow familiar to your new system, you will never want to go back to the old days of shuffling through paperwork of lost orders and delays.

Thou shalt emphasize training & education.

Knowledge is power. You want to take advantage of all the features of your ERP system. Inadequate training and education can lead to disastrous problems to your entire organization—a simple inaccurate recording of data can create a domino effect of miscommunication.

Thou shalt remain patient.

An ERP implementation takes preparation, money, and time. It also requires teamwork. Receive help from your software provider and encourage employees to help one another in adjusting to your new ERP system. Collaboration is the key to ERP success.